XVI - New Era

July 8, 2011

Slashthree's 'New Era' book project is the creative vision of directors Saad Moosajee and Diego L. Rodriguez. Over the years we have worked on numerous themed exhibitions; this proudly being the collective's most ambitious project to date. The New Era book was debuted and sold at OFFF Festival 2011 in Barcelona. The purpose of 'New Era' was to visually depict five scenarios - Decay, Descent, Struggle, Ascent and Future - which represent the death and subsequent rebirth of an organism. The many interpretations that emerged from these broad, sometimes ambiguous scenarios led to a truly surreal collection of art. As a result, the 'New Era' project highlights 21 never before seen works in addition to 20 'classics' from the last few exhibitions.

Maksimilijan Gečević
Zagreb, Croatia

Martin de Diego Sádaba
Bilbao, Spain

Erik Schumacher
Dortmund, Germany

Rob Shields
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Amélie Hutt
Pittsburg, CA

Peter Maciocha

Benjamin Low
Singapore City, Singapore

Gaétan Weltzer
Strasbourg, France

Floris Hermsen
Utrecht, Netherlands

Vladimir Tomin
Khabarovsk, Russia

Anthony Giacomino
Milwaukee, WI

Eduardo Lopez

Donald Cameron
Perth, Scotland

Wojciech Magierski
Krakow, Poland

Rogier de Boevé
Gelrode, Belgium

Yvan Feusi
Geneva, Switzerland

Adrián Romero
Bilbao, Spain

Roy Bourkel
Tétange, Luxembourg

Alexander Lataille
Shrewsbury, MA, USA

Maciej Mizer
Łódź, Poland

Leonardo Dentico
Civita Castellana, Italy