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ewok wrote:

baKIN wrote:

While we do encourage members to suggest innovative ideas, I must remind everyone that we're not some random signature site that needs to do arrange weekly, monthly, yearly activities. We, as an art collective, strive to make our exhibitions one of the best, but the less time, effort and energy we apply to our packs, the less our packs are going to be good at all.

I'd encourage you to maybe organize something yourself, but I, for one, would not agree to assign any of the staff to organize such unless they truly had the will to commit themselves to it.

that just sounds elitist, I would watch it

i agree with him though. I just dont really think that these weekly competitions are in s3's "image" at all.
though i would like to see more activity within the community, i dont think this is the way.

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Too bad it sounds elitist, but it's the naked truth.

Kiet Nguyen
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+ from me! sounds like a good idea, i had lots of experience with many website that does AOTW, LOTM stuff like that. Helps the forum be more active.

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This loosk like fun ^__^

I think it's a great Idea.


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I don't think this is a good idea, if you want to join in on the fun apply to become an artist.

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^What he said.

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No, weekly competitions are pointless, although some activity in the forums would be great, i agree with lawlhalla, it's not the way. The forums are dead cause all the 'fun' is in the artists area, the forums have been forgotten.
By the way, i agree with apom.

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