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wow just wow

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well deserved Gloom, nice finish on the pack folks!

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My God, header is pure awesomeness!
Grats to Gloom!

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departed wrote:

I approve this message!^

aharmon wrote:

^ what she said


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pure awesomeness...

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Good job everyone, well deserved gloom

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srAbstrax wrote:

looks top notch again. imho better than steampunk smile

I agree; thought I liked Steampunk, this one is just cool since the artists can do almost anything they want. Nice job! big_smile

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absolutely brilliantttttttt

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Great work everyone! To me Logix and aharmon took the crown with 'Dread This Day' and '1.618'... But what do I know. I'm just a humble observer smile

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haha thanks amandito, but everyone did a great job, i congratulate everyone, without everyone this pack doesn't exist
so thank you

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Thanks for kind words guys, really appreciate it! I hope we will
make next pack at least as good as this one or even better.
I would like to congratulate all artist who contributed to this pack,
it was a huge amount of work indeed.

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indecent long exposure
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Seemed a long time coming but very good release. Congrats Gloom, and also to the photographers who have all done a great job I think, the quality is definitely improving.

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Good job all smile

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Congratulations! i think that is my favorite pack at the moment!

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